Pantry Essentials | Voortman Wafers

Lemon is our favorite but we’re trying them all.

I’m working on a short list of pantry essentials. If this is a weekend cabin we’ll need a box of must have food ready to go. The plan is to narrow down the shopping list to only our favorites.

The lemon ones are the best but all the flavors we’ve tried are tasty. We’ve been searching for wafers with real ingredients for years. So many are artificially flavored and taste like it. I’m so glad these ones have made there way down to our local grocery store. They are a must have for any pantry home or away!


Fellow Carter Move Mug

Caffe Ladro Carter Move Mug in corduroy red.

This mug changed my routine. I first got the gray 16oz Carter. At the time the 8oz Ladro had was white. I was wanting 8oz but didn’t think white was for me. As it turned out the 16 is perfect! I use it almost every day.

The best part is it’s nearly spill resistant. I’ve only splashed coffee out twice. No major spills and surprisingly my nearly three year old hasn’t caused the spills even. I picked the Carter because my daughter loves to hand me my coffee. With a little vintage mug coffee splashed out frequently.

I picked up the red Carter because it was too cute to pass up. And I still think 8oz will be super handy. I love an 8oz cappuccino. Plus when my daughter is a little older she can use it for hot cocoa.

I also have the 360 lids and will probably get the magnetic one if it becomes available in gray. I don’t think I’ll ever find a better mug. These are definitely built to last. They will be a cabin staple for sure.

Rhodia Notebooks

A few of my collection currently in use.

I’ve been a journal writer off and on for years. As a kid it was mostly spiral notebooks and the occasional journal or diary. Eventually I tried a couple popular writing brands.

I found Rhodia but didn’t buy one right away. The first one I got was a web notebook that my husband brought home. A coworker of his let him have it. I fell in love with the paper. It is just the right smoothness.

Beyond the basic notebook they have a good array of products. The dot pads are great for drawing my own coffee notes. I have a spreadsheet of sorts to track my pour over coffee adventures. The ease of just grabbing a pen and jotting notes in the moment keeps life easy.

Their Rhodiarama notebooks are my go to. The quality and price can’t be beat. I’m sure the cabin will have a special spot to show off their colorful spines.

Dream Big

Flowers on the power line trail near our house in the suburbs.

What do I need to be content? I’ve long had the idea of retiring to a cabin in the woods.

Who knows if this will happen. Life will certainly direct us in a direction but dreaming is about all I have time for with a three year old. So for now I will think about what I own that would fit in a small cabin in the woods.

What do I already have that is worthy of filling a small space? This is the question I hope to answer.

New Acquisition | Typewriter

I recently purchased an Underwood 3 bank portable typewriter. I purchased it knowing it had issues. Turns out it was missing the draw band. That is what moves the carriage along as you type. So it’s kind of a big deal. I figured out what needs to be done to fix it but the big question was what length does the draw band need to be?

That question has yet to be answered but I bought a second machine. The first one I got is a 1920 model. The second is from 1929. I didn’t even realize they were so different when I placed my bid. Underwood came out with a redesigned version in 1923 or 1924.

I buy all my typewriters on And I try to buy close to home. You never know what sort of packing job you’ll get. One of my first purchases came in a used thin cardboard box and a few packing peanuts. This one came in a brand new box with new bubble wrap and thick crinkled paper to keep it from moving around.

It has a few issues but I think I can get it mostly fixed. Issue number one is the typebars need a good cleaning. Most of them are loosening up and working well. A couple are being stubborn. A minor issue is the margin release jiggles down when I type and the carriage stops halfway across. You push the margin release and keep going.

The only hard issue is the ribbon vibrator adjustor. You can set how high the ribbon goes. This is really important since there are three characters per typebar. Lowercase and upper case work fine but the figures only half show up. I push the ribbon adjuster and it goes high enough but I can’t get it to stay.

So this month I’ll be trying to get this fixed up. Since I have two I’m thinking I’ll name them Cling and Clang. This one has a red ribbon so it’s Cling. Maybe I’ll get a green and black ribbon for Clang the 1920.

Updates | Life


Wow, it’s been a while. I’ve been distracted by playoff hockey. Neither of my teams made it this year but I’ve enjoyed watching the Golden Knights. If Seattle is half as successful when we finally get our team I’ll be happy.

Someday I’ll do a rundown of the blogs I read weekly. I tend to hover on the small house minimal wardrobe side. It was great to see this post that combined both. You should also read the rest of her blog. I’m envious of how well they make 600 sq ft work for their small family.

I’ve been tracking my wardrobe wears for the last couple months. If I figure out a visual way to show that I’ll post something. I haven’t found a good spot to take photos of my clothes so I’m thinking a year in review showing just the most worn items.

Since I posted last I’ve acquired an Underwood Three Bank portable typewriter. It needs a draw band to work but I’ve watched this video and can hopefully rope my husband into helping me. I knew going in that it was “untested” and “for parts or repair”. Just in case that takes me too long to fix I bid on a second one today. It appears to be in better shape but that means it will probably exceed my budget.

I also purchased a lunch bag from Etsy. I’ll post pics and links when it arrives. I went with a custom color and it’s coming from Thailand. Having to wait for it to arrive gives me too much time to second guess the purchase but it should be worth it.

Small Update | Life

If you have any interest in wardrobes I’m trying to document how often I actually wear the items in my closet. I’ve added a page called What I Wore for all things relating to that project.

Time | Life

I took a random break from the blog. Didn’t realize it had been over a month. Not much has happened. I’ve been watching lots of hockey and roasting coffee weekly. I’m over my goal in coffee sales. So that is a big check in the plus column.

I’ve started tracking how often I wear clothing. The plan is to help me get rid of some items I don’t wear. There must be things I don’t wear often enough to keep.

I’m also thinking of downsizing my books. I have close to a full bookcase to myself. I need to make room for new additions. There must be a few books I’m not going to re-read.

My husband has decided he needs an office outside the house. Mostly a storage unit with power & room for tables to set up the vintage computers. We don’t have much room here to have them set up for use. Or even enough space to work on them. We haven’t done any legwork yet but there are some good looking spaces for rent. The price per square foot is a little high but I think it’s in our budget.

The last piece of news is I’m hoping to win an Underwood 3 bank portable typewriter. I just got outbid but there’s nearly a week left so I will bid again when it’s almost over. My birthday is later in the month so I plan to splurge a little. The posting claims all the functions seem to work. The platen looks scratched funny but I can work around that.

I was eyeing some mustard colored clogs but they’re sold out. A nearly 100 year old typewriter seems like a better investment. If I lose that I might buy a Fellow Stagg XF pour-over dripper. It seems too cute not to pick up. But my french press works fine and I don’t really need it.