FED 3 | Camera

Years ago I was nudged into buying a camera on E-bay. It was my second purchase ever from the site. It was also from overseas. I was nervous but it was too cute to resist.

Meet my FED-3


Photo taken with my Nikon FM-10 on my in-laws table circa 2005.

I think it was the red color that had me hooked. There were many other Fed-3s to choose from on E-bay but this one was prettier. After some waiting it magically appeared.

I walked down the street to my local Fred Meyer and found some discounted Kroger 800 iso film. Then I loaded it and took it to work. Back then I worked in a tiny office park. There were half a dozen or so buildings including a parking structure. A trail went along the back fence and there were good walking paths around most buildings. One of the larger buildings in the back had just been vacated along with the parking structure. At lunch I’d wander. I had the area to myself.

The third shot is from a Dragon Boat event. We went to watch my Mother’s team compete. I only shot two or three rolls with this camera. But it has created some of my favorite shots.

The problem is the part the film winds onto doesn’t like to rewind. The film gets stuck and rips. So for each roll I’d loose a few shots. It doesn’t look like a quick fix. So someday I’ll buy another. They’re so cheap I should get two. I haven’t seen any more with this red but I’ll keep looking.


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