New to Me | Camera

So a couple years ago our friends bought a house. They were giving us the grand tour when I spotted a camera hiding in the rafters of their garage. I made silly squeals because I knew what it was. They contacted the original owners and offered it back. Sunday I got word to come pick it up. They had obviously declined wanting it back.

So now I’m the proud owner of a 2nd Argus C3. I have my Grandfather’s C3 that I used for a couple years in college. I’ve forgotten what happened but I recall it stopped working right. So I shelved it and a year or so later got the Nikon FM-10.

Funnily enough this C3 is a Colormatic like my other one. The Internet says they were only produced for a couple years so they are similar age. The new one came with the 35mm & 100mm interchangeable lenses. I’m having fun trying to use this thing again. Between remembering all the steps & a winder that doesn’t always stop I’m having fun with it.

Changing lenses is a chore and I have yet to master getting one on without having to readjust it. I figure this is just a camera for fun. I’ll shoot a roll and see how well it works. I am in awe of how I managed to effortlessly use one back in the day. I guess I hadn’t discovered the ease of the modern-ish SLR yet.


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