Want vs Need | Coffee

Bridge on grass. Puyallup, WA

My routine for the last 11 years has been french press coffee. The french press came with my husband (he doesn’t drink regular coffee but gets a mocha when we go out). We got a nice burr grinder and a food scale when we got married. So each morning I grind beans and measure out coffee. Then I brew & mix in sugar and sometimes 1/2 & 1/2.

When I got sick of putting up with the free coffee at work I took that french press there and got a new one for the house. I grind coffee every morning to bring with me. I use the water machine at work which is good enough. It’s not as hot as I’d like but it works. The lettering on the side of the glass insert is my guide for how much to put in.

With minor exceptions here and there I haven’t felt the need to stray from the french press. It has met my needs.  Every now and then I find my self with pre-ground coffee. It works well enough in my french press but I wonder if I should invest in a pour over pot.

Last week I got free pre-ground coffee with a purchase my husband made. Some acquaintances assured him this is great coffee. I chose the medium roast (they’re all blends). I just haven’t managed to find the right formula. I went with my tried and true 3/4 oz of coffee for work. Then I had to add extra sugar and cream.

Day two at work I scaled back to 1/2 oz. But got the same results. And today I tried it at home and didn’t do any better. Various times I’ve dreamed about getting a Hario drip pot. The problem is I don’t need it. It will take up extra space in my kitchen. But if it helped me make better tasting pre-ground coffee it might be worth it.

Price isn’t a problem since I can get one with extra cloth filters for only a little more than each of my french presses cost. But do I need it?

A few years ago we had a snow storm. Enough snow to make us Washingtonians stay home. But I was out of coffee. So we walked down two blocks to our grocery store. There selection isn’t great but I picked a good sounding Starbucks Colombian. They only had it in pre-ground…I came home and promptly made a cup only to then fight with ratios. By the end I got it right but then I was nearly out of coffee and the snow was long gone.


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