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I love used books! It’s all the fun of reading a physical book and easy on the wallet. I ran out of cat books so I got two. Then I randomly discovered a mystery involving weaving. I’ve been dreaming about buying a rigid heddle loom so that book was a must.

That is also why I got the Navajo weaving book. I picked up a small woven square when I was in DC. I wish I’d gotten more because they’d make great gifts. I wanted to read about how they make them. And see if I could get any ideas for my future loom.

I’ve been watching lots of Agatha Christie recently so I picked up one of her books. I haven’t ready any in years. My Father had a pretty good selection on his shelves.

Sometime last year I watched Wallander with Kenneth Branagh. I figured since the show was so amazing I had to read some of the books. I picked up three because why not. I immediately began reading Faceless Killers and it’s as good as I hoped.

The final book I got on a whim. I love mid-century modern furniture and my husband and father-in-law sometimes build things. They will at least get inspiration for joints and curves/lines. It shows each piece of wood that makes up the item and the dimensions. Could be handy when I request a hand made couch. But while I wait I’m lusting after this one coming from Ikea + Hay.


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  1. I started reading Henning Mankell too after I saw Sidetracked. My favorites are Faceless Killers and The White Lioness. Agathie Christie is another favorite of mine, I absolutely love watching Miss Marple and Poirot.

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