Mountain View | Travel

We’ve just returned from a road trip down to the Computer History Museum. So much fun. The highlight was driving by some Eichler houses in person. We found them randomly down the street from our hotel.

I managed to pack light-ish. For 7 days of traveling I took 2 pairs of pants, 4 shirts, and 2 light layers. The heat is way different in California than Washington. You step into the shade and it’s actually cold. The layers were a last minute add and I’m so glad I took them. I also brought a windbreaker that was perfect for getting out at view points.

I took 3 cameras. My Nikon D7200, N90s, & Olympus XA. The digital camera was for mostly museum photos. I knew I wanted tons of pictures of random computers. And they’d probably be grouped behind glass. The N90s I got a few random shots with. I took 6 rolls of film and only needed two but it was good. I brought extra in case my husband used up what he has in the F100.

In preparation for the trip I got in a B&H order. I’ll post about that soon. Nothing special just stocking up on film.

I didn’t take nearly enough photos but once I get them developed I’ll be sure to share some.


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