Polaroid | Camera

I don’t need more Polaroid cameras but one has appeared on my watch list. It’s a SLR 680. All the great things about an SX-70 but takes 600 so I don’t have to stock more kinds of film. It just listed so I have days to decide. I imagine if more people discover it the price will be out of my budget. 

FED 3 | Camera

Years ago I was nudged into buying a camera on E-bay. It was my second purchase ever from the site. It was also from overseas. I was nervous but it was too cute to resist.

Meet my FED-3


Photo taken with my Nikon FM-10 on my in-laws table circa 2005.

I think it was the red color that had me hooked. There were many other Fed-3s to choose from on E-bay but this one was prettier. After some waiting it magically appeared.

I walked down the street to my local Fred Meyer and found some discounted Kroger 800 iso film. Then I loaded it and took it to work. Back then I worked in a tiny office park. There were half a dozen or so buildings including a parking structure. A trail went along the back fence and there were good walking paths around most buildings. One of the larger buildings in the back had just been vacated along with the parking structure. At lunch I’d wander. I had the area to myself.

The third shot is from a Dragon Boat event. We went to watch my Mother’s team compete. I only shot two or three rolls with this camera. But it has created some of my favorite shots.

The problem is the part the film winds onto doesn’t like to rewind. The film gets stuck and rips. So for each roll I’d loose a few shots. It doesn’t look like a quick fix. So someday I’ll buy another. They’re so cheap I should get two. I haven’t seen any more with this red but I’ll keep looking.

DC Day One | Travel


Here’s a not so fancy photo of my hotel room. We checked in Sunday afternoon and met up with my Cousins and Aunt. It was good to catch up. I haven’t seen most of them in many years. They all live in far away states and their home is New Mexico. With the passing of the oldest generation they don’t get to Washington State much.

That evening there was social with other guests. We snacked on cheese, meat, crackers, fruit, & cookies. The trip was for a ceremony honoring my late Uncle among others. It was good to meet many of his old friends. It was also sad to think he would have been 81 this year. But sweet to celebrate him with friends.

We turned in early. I wrote in my journal for a bit. Putting pen to paper helped me make sense of days events. It was hard to believe I was really in DC for such an occasion. After 56 years it never occurred to us he’d get rewarded for his sacrifice.

I picked up a Shinola notebook for the trip. I went with the paper cover two pack. I wanted a soft cover and I’d never tried them before. I’m really pleased. At first I thought the wider spacing would be a bad thing. Less words on each page. But it turns out my sloppy writing is easier to read when not squished by the Rhodia or Moleskine spacing. So I’d say they’re worth the premium.


Complete | Travel


Everything on my list has been acquired. I’ve packed most of it so it’s ready to go. Now it’s down to the small stuff like a lint brush for cat hair.

Tomorrow we leave arriving in the evening. Monday is packed with a meeting, ceremony, banquet, and finally a formal dinner. Tuesday and Wednesday morning we will wander around and see museums. Should be a fun time.

I’ll share pictures when I return.

Upsizing | Thoughts

We live in a townhouse. It’s just over 1,000 square feet. It’s divided over two floors with a garage below. A couple years ago I felt desperate to get out. We bought this place a couple years before the pricing top but it’s taken longer for condo/ townhouse prices to rebound.

My husband wasn’t desperate. He was fine with our place. We just needed to organize our massive amount of stuff. Our hobbies take up lots of space. He’s into old (mostly 80’s & 90’s) computers and I collect typewriters. Once a month we go to the local Retro Computing group. He brings one of his computers and I bring a typewriter. So the collection isn’t dormant. It is in flux though. Old things require spare parts to keep them running.

The living room and back half of the garage are currently storage. I realized this year that all we have to do is organize our space and rent a larger storage unit. Then we wouldn’t need to move. We could easily sandwich a future kid in here for a few years.

This is right around the time he was deciding moving out wasn’t such a bad idea. Current storage unit money and the HOA fees could be going toward a real house. So I’m still quietly finding listings and we’re watching what other units are selling for. If the right thing shows up then great. If not that’s okay.

The good news is both paths start the same way. Sort, organize, donate, repeat…

Almost Ready | Travel


Pants have arrived. I went with an Arc’teryx pair that is cotton with a little wool. They look dressy but can be worn anywhere. I wanted the green color but my size was gone so I got “Black Sapphire”. It’s an almost black blue. I also picked up a pair of their chinos. I wanted something light weight for summer.

Haircut has been taken care of. I dislike going to the salon so I wait till I can’t stand the length and chop it off. This experience was better than average. I am really pleased with the results.

I bought trouser socks and looked at wallets. Didn’t see exactly what I was hoping for. The weekend was busy so I didn’t make it to the outlet mall. Looks like I’ll have Thursday night to myself so I might make the trek.

I found a pair of pajamas I’d forgotten about that will work. I’ll scratch that off the list. That means I am almost ready. Once I select tee shirts I’ll make sure everything fits in the suitcase soon.

Refocusing| Thoughts

Why I was about to give up reading fashion blogs.

I had a post planned about my failed search for the right fashion blogs to follow. They have become a time suck. Staring at other people’s giant revolving closets was doing nothing for me. I though switching from fast fashion to capsule & sustainable fashion blogs would help. After a few months now I’ve come to realize they’re just as bad. They either thrift more for less or buy a few ethical pieces every season that are outside my budget.

My big problem is I was a discount shopper for years. Last year I got rid of a pile of too long pants and ill fitting tops. Cheap clothes are only a bargain if they actually get worn.

Along this journey I was looking for a mythical blog to follow. A woman with a fixed wardrobe who did outfit of the day posts. Someone I could actually draw inspiration from. I was about to throw in the towel but today I found one. Lets hope this helps me refocus my wardrobe.

More Progress | Travel


Pants have been ordered. They should be showing up early next week. Books have been acquired. I picked those up locally. I was going to order used copies from Powell’s but I wasn’t anywhere near the free shipping minimum so I just walked into Barns and Noble.

The shoes arrived Saturday. I’ve been wearing them all week at work to break them in. They are super comfortable. Just what I was hoping for!

Items I still need are wallet, pajamas, and trouser socks. The end is in sight. We fly out on the 21st. I can’t believe it’s almost time.