Achievement Unlocked | Roasting


Roast #25 is complete!

Where’s my merit badge?


Roasting Update | Coffee


Consistency is somewhat hard! I jumped in with two feet when I found a really good roast. The problem was then repeating it 4 times.
We have an annual craft fair at work. The past few years I’ve knitted things. This year I had 4 scarves ready. I also told myself if I got a good roast I’d try to sell coffee. The morning a day before the fair I tasted the latest roast #16 and deemed it great. That night I used my Remington 24 typewriter to make order forms.
I gave myself a week to deliver beans. So this Thursday was the deadline. I was only really worried about delivering a good roast. But on top of that I sold it as a City+ roast. I’ve been getting more like a Full City or Full City+.
The up side is this is leading me to document more. I downloaded an app to track how long my total roast is. I wish I had done this for roast #16 that I’m trying to match. I have an approximate time but not exact enough to repeat.
I did two half pound roasts on Sunday & Monday. I tried the first two Monday morning. I feel like I tried them too soon. Waiting for at least 12 hours would have been better. Anyway, they were okay. Not as good as #16 though.

The second two roasts turned out good. They are very similar. I am glad I started with a simple, seemingly forgiving bean. I’ve been enjoying it by itself but I read it’s a good bean to blend with. So I’ll probably try that at some point.
I had a minor hiccup Tuesday night. Somehow a roast overheated. So I lost half a pound of beans. Most of them were a light brown color but, some dark, and a few were mostly green still. I did an empty roast after that to clear things out. Then a regular half pound roast. It went fine but I was extra cautious and turned the heat down when I thought it might get too hot. That added time before first crack. So I’ll see if it affected the taste too much. Hopefully the results are still good. So I have five bags of beans ready. The four I sold and one extra.
I technically charged a lot. Six ounces of coffee for $10 or $12 for ground. It’s a small amount for a one time holiday purchase but I’m sure they wouldn’t continually buy at that price.
My only goal with this was to sell enough to make back the cost of 20lbs of beans. That is $100. My husband jokes that I’ll start a business. That isn’t in my plan. Mostly because I don’t have to roaster for that. And now I’m realizing how hard it would be. I don’t mind variances in my roast but customers would expect something close to the same each time.
All my worries might have been for nothing. The roasts all tasted about the same. Hopefully it’s enjoyable to my coworkers. If this goes well maybe they will inspire other people to try it.

Watching & Eating | Life


Watching: Today’s Islander’s game.

Eating: Leftover pizza.

Busy roasting coffee tonight. I’ll hopefully get a long post in soon. There was a craft fair at work last week. I sold one scarf and 5 bags of coffee. Now I am desperately trying get 5 roasts like the sample I had for people to smell.

Mexico Chiapas | Coffee

I’ve missed a couple roasts. The final of the Sweet Maria’s went pretty well. I did two 1/2lb roasts. The first was really good and the second a little less so but still in drinkable range.

Roasts 13 and 14 were the Mexican beans I got. Roast 13 was mostly a fail. I open the window and use a fan to blow the smoke out. Our neighbors in the townhouse across from us are doing some construction. So I probably missed hearing the end of 1st crack. Suddenly I was in 2nd crack and there was a lot of smoke. So I quickly hit cool and hoped I didn’t ruin it.

Turns out at work it was just drinkable. There was a tiny hint of flavor left but mostly just dark roast taste. When I made it at home under more precise conditions it was worse. The little bit of flavor was gone. It’s just drinkable but flavorless.

Tonight I tried again. I am pleased so far. I definitely didn’t over roast. The color is much better and no oil on the beans. I’ll brew it on Sunday and report back.

Bean #5 Roast #14.

Roasts 5-8| Coffee

There is not much news to report. Bean 2 was a moderate success. I did four 1/4 lb roasts. This bean has a “fruited cocoa finish”. I managed to get that every time but missed some of the middle flavors. The good news is I can put cocoa finish on my dislike list. I didn’t care for it much. I’ll admit with only four chances I didn’t figure out the best roast for this bean but I’ll cross it off my list.

The other thing I discovered is that smaller beans mean WAY more chaff. I should have realized that small beans equals more surface area per pound. Anyway it made cleaning up take longer. And I set the smoke detectors off more than once. My poor cat had to go into hiding.

I thought maybe I just needed to clean the roaster. Perhaps there was some chaff buildup that needed to be removed. That was not the case. Once I took the correct parts off to clean I saw like 3 tiny pieces of chaff. Not a pile as I expected.

I tried using a fan to blow the smoke out the open window. The roaster sits right in front of a window and I open it every time. The fan was somewhat helpful but if you do a darker roast (longer time) the smoke still filters up to the detectors. And then my husband got out the laser and made patterns in the smoke.

Since I like my things and don’t want them covered in ash. I’m working on plan B. That means getting a good table for our patio. Roasting in the garage with servers sucking in air isn’t an option. The problem with roasting outside will be winter. Here in Washington we sometimes get cold winters. That will have a big affect on my roasts. Hopefully it will work well enough.

November | Camera


November is coming soon! A bunch of us will be shooting film all month. We used to do a digital thing in October. It involved posting one photo everyday and voting.

Last year we didn’t set anything up so we decided to shoot film all November. The rules were simple. Shoot film! There wasn’t a plan to share anything. This year the rumor is we’ll be posting them somewhere to share with our group. I can’t wait! We just need to restock some Portra 400. Somehow we ran out over the summer.

I’ll be heading back to my favorite park at lunch. It has plenty of walking trails and wildlife. Add some rain and it will be perfect for all the fall pictures.

Roast #4 | Coffee

Measuring beans before the morning grind.

There’s not much to report. Roast #4 was the final of the first bean. I did just like roast #3 but added a preheat. It came out somewhere between #1 and #3. There was a tiny bit of acidity present but not as much as the first roast.

Overall I was pleased with the results of my first bean. Going in I was certain I’d have more failures than successes but I was wrong. Three out of four were good roasts. Maybe not perfect but they all had some of the flavors I was hoping for.

All four came out within a drinkable range. I still have no idea how #2 got to 2nd crack so soon. I wonder if it was due to a change in local temperature or humidity.

Up next is a bean from Costa Rico. Once again the aim is to get a good flavor and hopefully a repeatable roast.

Watching & Eating | Life


Eating: Leftover hawaiian pizza

Watching: Just finished The Five on Netflix. The ending was a total surprise. They need to make more like that. I didn’t see it coming at all. The end of episode 9 felt like misdirection but it wasn’t. It was so good!

It seemed like a normal mystery at first but it ended up being more exciting. I wasn’t sold on the Pru/Mark thing. Pru was my least favorite character. But that didn’t take away from the story line. The characters were well developed and the plot sucked me in early. I’m so glad I watched this. You should give it a watch if you haven’t.

Roast #3 | Coffee

Half of the beans I roasted.

Roast #3 was mostly a success. I did not preheat. Just 1/4 P2 and then max time minus 30 seconds. It was better than roast #1. None of the acidity this time. It still seems like the flavor isn’t fully developed.

I am beginning to think this just isn’t my bean. There is some flavor but it feels like there should be more. We’ll see when I do the final roast. Then we’ll move on to the next in my sampler.

4oz of beans become 3 3/8oz after roasting.

Up next I am going to buy 20 pounds of one bean. I realized that it would be best to try to perfect one bean before branching out. So I’ll probably order some Mexican beans soon. I’ll keep working my way through the Grand Centrals I have while mixing in some Mexican roasts.

I am hoping to have one roast good enough to gift at Christmas. The second I told my parents I had a roaster they requested beans as their Christmas gift.

I’ve been trying to document more. I remembered to get a photo of the beans just after roasting. I know it’s not exact since I did nothing to light it. I just want to have a general idea of the color of my roasts. For roast #1 I got zero pictures but I have some of #2 and #3.

This will be most important when I work on one bean for many roasts. I should figure out a way to light those and see if I can get a better learning tool from photos. Maybe I need a little light box to get consistent lighting.