? | Thoughts

What can this blog do for me? That is what I’ve been thinking about this week.

I started this blog with a clear idea. I wanted to showcase my typewriters & cameras. I have a decent sized collection. I’m sure I’ll get there. This trip has derailed things in a mostly positive way.

It’s also reminded me of the life habits I want to work on. So Thursdays will be for sharing what felt important over the last week.

Packing List Progress | Travel


I’ve made a little headway with the packing list. Second pair of shoes arrive tomorrow. I’ve narrowed down the pants search. Also I found a possible wallet. Fossil has some RFID ones you can fit a few cards and a cell phone in. I need a wallet I can fit in my camera bag for sightseeing. The RFID just sounds like a bonus.

I though I had everything else till my husband reminded me I need sleepwear. I’ll be rooming with my parents. I might want something that’s not threadbare. Also I need socks. I noticed the pair I’m sporting are nearly worn through in the toes. So dress socks are on the list.

Oh, and the final item is a haircut. I have way too many PTO hours at work so I’ve taken next Friday off before I lose some. I’ll fit in a haircut and hopefully hit up the outlet mall. There’s a Fossil store and the new Filson store is open.

And I realized I need a book to read. There will be some extra time at the airport, time on the plane, and probably extra time on the first night. ┬áMy current list is┬áCopycat Killing & Cat Trick by Sofie Kelly and Speaking in Bones by Kathy Reichs. I’ll pass the cat books on to my Mother when I finish.

Dress Shoes | Fail

So I ordered shoes. I measured twice. Managed to get the wrong size. I’ve ordered the right size but they are non-returnable/exchangeable. So Now I have a pair of shoes to sell.


Upcoming | Travel

I haven’t had a reason to fly anywhere since the mid 90’s. Next month a trip 56 years in the making is putting me on a plane. I’m working on a packing list for four days.

The main events are an banquet and a formal dinner.

  • 2 Tees
  • 2 Layers (sweater/sweatshirt)
  • Jeans
  • Dress Pants
  • Dressy Top
  • Dress
  • Walking Shoes
  • Heels
  • Jacket

Most of these things I own. Still need to locate the right heels and dress pants.