Waiting Game | Film

I dropped off two rolls from our California road trip and the Argus C3 roll. My preferred film person was at the counter. I let them know the roll will be funky. I forgot to mention the spacing might be off & that the first couple shots might have light leaks. I guess we’ll see how it turns out.


Mountain View | Travel

We’ve just returned from a road trip down to the Computer History Museum. So much fun. The highlight was driving by some Eichler houses in person. We found them randomly down the street from our hotel.

I managed to pack light-ish. For 7 days of traveling I took 2 pairs of pants, 4 shirts, and 2 light layers. The heat is way different in California than Washington. You step into the shade and it’s actually cold. The layers were a last minute add and I’m so glad I took them. I also brought a windbreaker that was perfect for getting out at view points.

I took 3 cameras. My Nikon D7200, N90s, & Olympus XA. The digital camera was for mostly museum photos. I knew I wanted tons of pictures of random computers. And they’d probably be grouped behind glass. The N90s I got a few random shots with. I took 6 rolls of film and only needed two but it was good. I brought extra in case my husband used up what he has in the F100.

In preparation for the trip I got in a B&H order. I’ll post about that soon. Nothing special just stocking up on film.

I didn’t take nearly enough photos but once I get them developed I’ll be sure to share some.

The Stack | Life

I love used books! It’s all the fun of reading a physical book and easy on the wallet. I ran out of cat books so I got two. Then I randomly discovered a mystery involving weaving. I’ve been dreaming about buying a rigid heddle loom so that book was a must.

That is also why I got the Navajo weaving book. I picked up a small woven square when I was in DC. I wish I’d gotten more because they’d make great gifts. I wanted to read about how they make them. And see if I could get any ideas for my future loom.

I’ve been watching lots of Agatha Christie recently so I picked up one of her books. I haven’t ready any in years. My Father had a pretty good selection on his shelves.

Sometime last year I watched Wallander with Kenneth Branagh. I figured since the show was so amazing I had to read some of the books. I picked up three because why not. I immediately began reading Faceless Killers and it’s as good as I hoped.

The final book I got on a whim. I love mid-century modern furniture and my husband and father-in-law sometimes build things. They will at least get inspiration for joints and curves/lines. It shows each piece of wood that makes up the item and the dimensions. Could be handy when I request a hand made couch. But while I wait I’m lusting after this one coming from Ikea + Hay.



Tomorrow new books arrive. Powell’s had a buy 2 get 1 free sale on used books. To get free shipping you need to spend $50 so I ended up with 9 books. I kept adding books and then one would be free so I had to had more. After many tries I got to $50 but I had 8 books in my cart. So I added a 9th free one.

I just finished my last magical cats book. I take them with me and read why my husband works at the data center. We plan the trips around other fun stuff so I don’t mind sitting around for 30-60 minutes. Plus it gives me time to escape in a book.

Olympus XA | Camera

Usually in October we join with some friends across the states and take pictures. We upload one a day for a month. Each day you vote on yesterday’s photos. At the end the winner gets bragging rights.

This year we skipped it. Mid October feeling the loss our fearless instigator came up with a new plan. Shoot film in November. I pressed for more details but it was really that simple. Shoot film in November. No plan to post & stare later. Just shoot.

I had long dreamed of carrying the FED-3 everywhere. It’s heavy and mine malfunctions so I never followed through. So I went online and looked for compact rangefinders. That lead me to discover the XA family. Then I was pushed over the edge by a friend posting a pic of his. He was using it for film November.

I hoped on shopgoodwill.com where I get all my typewriters. I watched a couple auctions before deciding on a local one. Goodwill of Seattle had one. I managed to win it. The bonus is it came loaded with film. I got most of someones Alaska photos probably from the mid 90’s.


Since then I’ve been having fun with it. The biggest challenge for me is remembering to be 2.8ft or more from my subject. In some lighting it’s super hard to see the focusing square. And I haven’t mastered taking evening/night shots. But blurry photos can be part of the fun.

I started with 800 iso film and worked down to 200. The 200 has been my favorite. It seems to give me the best colors.


This is my favorite shot so far. It’s Lomography 800 iso. There’s a park near my work. It has a tiny trail that ends in the woods. Most of November/December it was muddy. I got to the mud, took a couple more steps and got this shot. I want to make a giant print.

Here are a few more taken with it. The first two shots are the Lomography 800 and the third is Fuji Pro 200.

I’m so glad I got it. It’s been exciting to have it at the ready. Now I want to get an XA4 so I can shot things from 1ft. I just need to run more rolls through this first.

Want vs Need | Coffee

Bridge on grass. Puyallup, WA

My routine for the last 11 years has been french press coffee. The french press came with my husband (he doesn’t drink regular coffee but gets a mocha when we go out). We got a nice burr grinder and a food scale when we got married. So each morning I grind beans and measure out coffee. Then I brew & mix in sugar and sometimes 1/2 & 1/2.

When I got sick of putting up with the free coffee at work I took that french press there and got a new one for the house. I grind coffee every morning to bring with me. I use the water machine at work which is good enough. It’s not as hot as I’d like but it works. The lettering on the side of the glass insert is my guide for how much to put in.

With minor exceptions here and there I haven’t felt the need to stray from the french press. It has met my needs.  Every now and then I find my self with pre-ground coffee. It works well enough in my french press but I wonder if I should invest in a pour over pot.

Last week I got free pre-ground coffee with a purchase my husband made. Some acquaintances assured him this is great coffee. I chose the medium roast (they’re all blends). I just haven’t managed to find the right formula. I went with my tried and true 3/4 oz of coffee for work. Then I had to add extra sugar and cream.

Day two at work I scaled back to 1/2 oz. But got the same results. And today I tried it at home and didn’t do any better. Various times I’ve dreamed about getting a Hario drip pot. The problem is I don’t need it. It will take up extra space in my kitchen. But if it helped me make better tasting pre-ground coffee it might be worth it.

Price isn’t a problem since I can get one with extra cloth filters for only a little more than each of my french presses cost. But do I need it?

A few years ago we had a snow storm. Enough snow to make us Washingtonians stay home. But I was out of coffee. So we walked down two blocks to our grocery store. There selection isn’t great but I picked a good sounding Starbucks Colombian. They only had it in pre-ground…I came home and promptly made a cup only to then fight with ratios. By the end I got it right but then I was nearly out of coffee and the snow was long gone.

New to Me | Camera

So a couple years ago our friends bought a house. They were giving us the grand tour when I spotted a camera hiding in the rafters of their garage. I made silly squeals because I knew what it was. They contacted the original owners and offered it back. Sunday I got word to come pick it up. They had obviously declined wanting it back.

So now I’m the proud owner of a 2nd Argus C3. I have my Grandfather’s C3 that I used for a couple years in college. I’ve forgotten what happened but I recall it stopped working right. So I shelved it and a year or so later got the Nikon FM-10.

Funnily enough this C3 is a Colormatic like my other one. The Internet says they were only produced for a couple years so they are similar age. The new one came with the 35mm & 100mm interchangeable lenses. I’m having fun trying to use this thing again. Between remembering all the steps & a winder that doesn’t always stop I’m having fun with it.

Changing lenses is a chore and I have yet to master getting one on without having to readjust it. I figure this is just a camera for fun. I’ll shoot a roll and see how well it works. I am in awe of how I managed to effortlessly use one back in the day. I guess I hadn’t discovered the ease of the modern-ish SLR yet.

Polaroid | Camera

I don’t need more Polaroid cameras but one has appeared on my watch list. It’s a SLR 680. All the great things about an SX-70 but takes 600 so I don’t have to stock more kinds of film. It just listed so I have days to decide. I imagine if more people discover it the price will be out of my budget.